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Tim Vilasamani Kirkpatrick : Craniosacral Therapy and Trauma Release Exercises


In person sessions and online.

Craniosacral therapy has developed out of the wonderful insights of William Sutherland into the subtle tidal motion present in the body and their organising force, which he called the Breath of Life. Through a light touch contact the craniosacral therapist tunes in to the quality of these motions and senses where there is freedom and where there is inertia, where this Breath of Life is expressed and where it is compromised. Then there is an invitation to settle into a state of spaciousness and stillness in which health can be remembered and restored.

The Breath of Life

I clearly remember the first time that I tried giving craniosacral therapy. After a period of settling I had the experience of sensing something that I had never sensed before, despite years of meditation and energy work. A long slow tide that was coming towards me through and around the student's body, and then receding. I thought "Why did nobody tell me about this before?". Ever since then, I have been exploring this inherent motion and its capacity to bring change at the physiological, psychological and spiritual levels.

What is it good for?

Craniosacral therapy can be effective in treating both physical and emotional pain, and in the relief of those trauma patterns that can disable our health, but it also good for meditation and other embodiment practices because it aids in developing mindful awareness of subtle sensation in the body. It also invites the nervous system to shift into the parasympathetic rest and repair state, where the body's natural healing processes become available.

Online Craniosacral Therapy

It may seem surprising that a touch based therapy can be given and received online. I must say that I had my doubts before doing a short training course in October 2020 during the Covid19 lockdown, but was delighted and fascinated to discover that it does indeed work. Sessions are given over Zoom, and all you need is to find a space where you can live down undisturbed for an hour and I will guide you through the process.